It’s Easier to Teach a Child ~ Than Repair an Adult



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RTC (Reaching the Children) Entertainment, Inc was created in 1997 as a 501-(c)(3) not for profit entertainment company for kids & families. Since our inception, the staff & producers have worked hard to ensure that they bring quality & enriching entertainment to children & families where ever we go. Our goal is to provide our audiences, both young & old, (aren’t we all kids a heart), with programs & entertaining shows they can relate to. We hope to awaken the drive to be successful, become leaders, give respect & finish their education. We believe that every child & student has something special to offer so long as they are taught to direct themselves down the right, positive roads in life. We aim to teach our audiences something they can understand & relate to as kids & carry with them all through their adult lives. Your donations, participation and volunteerism will help us to continue our work with children & families where ever we go.

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